Romeo Castellucci, Pascal Bruckner, Frederic Beigbeder, MASH and Grotowski Institute to attend UNDERCLOUD’s anniversary

Tickets for the Competition section are now available

 Independent theatre will be celebrating between August 22-31, 2017. ARCUB- Gabroveni, with the support of the Bucharest City Hall, will host the anniversary 10th edition of the UNDERCLOUD Independent Theatre Festival, which will be presenting both Romanian shows, (guest and in competition), and international shows.

It has been 4 years since UNDERCLOUD has become international. The 10th edition will be marked by the attendance of some of the most renowned contemporary theatre companies in Italy, France, Poland and Israel. The foreign productions participating in this year`s UNDERCLOUD are momentous shows for the Romanian theatre, due to the notoriety and uniqueness of their author-artists, but also of their producing companies.

Romeo Castellucci, one of the most innovative and daring contemporary theatre directors, who is never afraid to break the barriers of language and theatrical aesthetics, will present Iulius Caesar. Spared Parts. One of the most avant-garde works of our time, the show focuses on the materiality of the word, on the deconstruction of conventional rhetoric methods, and on their exposure as fake and unable to truly render a clear message. Iulius Caesar. Spared Parts. is a current mise-en-scene, a sharp, yet veiled reinterpretation of Shakespeare`s text, about the danger of current dictators/dictatorships and the guileful trap we are bound to stumble upon – silence in the face of danger.

The famous Polish Grotowski Institute will be in Bucharest with Krapp`s Last Tape, a play based on the text by Samuel Beckett, directed by Jarosław Fret and performed by Alessandro Curti.

Director and actor Jarosław Fret is the founder of the ZAR Theatre, director of The Grotowski Institute, and professor at the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Krakow.

Preparing the mise-en-scène of the Krapp’s Last Tape the director departs from the situation where a young actor records his own voice in order to use the recording in the future, when he is ready to take on Beckett’s character. The best way to test this readiness is to try and evoke Krapp today – and so for thirty years.

The renowned French writers Pascal Bruckner and Frederic Beigbeder are also among the honorary guests of this anniversary edition of UNDERCLOUD.

Two events will bring the philosopher, essayist and novelist Pascal Bruckner in the limelight: Christmas with the President, which was read in international premiere during the previous edition of the festival, and which will be played for the first time this year. Delighted with the success registered in 2016 with his first theatre play, the author has chosen to launch his second dramatic text at UNDERCLOUD, again in international premiere. It is the reading of the Cu ce vă servesc? play, directed by Chris Simion-Mercurian.

Admirers of Frederic Beigbeder`s writings have two reasons to attend UNDERCLOUD. The reading-show based on his novel, Oona & Salinger, directed by Chris Simion-Mercurian, will premiere in the festival. The author imagines a failed love story between the iconic American novelist, J.D. Salinger, and Oona, the daughter of a no less famous playwright, Eugene O`Neill.

Moreover, on August 25th, the audience is invited to attend the 700th staging of the Dragostea durează 3 ani/Love Lasts Three Years play, based on Beigbeder`s homonymous novel and directed by Chris Simion-Mercurian.

Mashol Salem Dance House (MASH), the most important theatre-dance company in Israel, will be premiering three of its productions in Bucharest: Gravitas, HA-E 4-2 and Ani-Ma.

MASH promotes independent artists in Israel, hosting both local and foreign productions, and has gradually become an artistic center dedicated to the audience, especially as it is located in the Musrara district, a conflict area between the Old City and the Western part of Jerusalem.

Performers of Gravitas, coordinated by Ofir Yudilevitch, juggle with gravity and become pure mass, trying to obey to its blindf will.

HA-E 4-2 (The Island), a performance created by the well-known Israeli choreographer Ido Tadmor, tells the story of a friendship between two soldiers in a war zone.’Ha-E’ is the island of normality where there are no wars and where a simple smile or handshake still exist and have not been forgotten.

Ani-Ma is the first solo show of the young Israeli female artist Roni Chadash. She has participated in international contemporary dance festivals and has won a series of awards, one of the most important ones being the Best Performer Award, at the Masdanza Festival in Spain, in 2016.

The anniversary edition of UNDERCLOUD 2017 brings together international shows, Romanian guest productions, as well as 17 shows in competition.

 The first tickets for the COMPETITION section of the UNDERCLOUD 2017 festival are now available.

They can be purchased at the Ticket Office of ARCUB, 14:00 – 20:00, and online on and 

Audience members benefit from the 1+1 VIAȚA FĂRĂ CASH campaign, supported by Raiffeisen Bank: for 1 ticket bought at the Ticket Office – ARCUB-Gabroveni (str. Lipscani 84-90), the second ticket is free of charge. This promotion is not available for tickets bought online. The price of one ticket is 35 RON. 

UNDERCLOUD functions under the aegis of the “Europe for Festivals. Festivals for Europe” European program, an important international certificate awarded by the European Commission and the European Festivals Association.

UNDERCLOUD is an event organized by the Bucharest City Hall, through ARCUB – The Cultural Centre of Bucharest Municipality, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity and the Embassy of Israel in Bucharest.

Traditional Partners: Raiffeisen Bank, Staropramen și Aqua Carpatica.

Producer: Asociația Mișcarea UNDERCLOUD

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